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 Collecting: Selection of Old Cues

I have included this illustration to show the differences between, machine spliced cues and hand spliced cues, along with the variety of inlays, veneers and badges that cues used to carry.

These cues used to belong to an acquaintance of mine, Robert Osborne, I believe that most of them have been sold since the photograph was taken.

You may click on the picture to see an enlargement.


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Old Cues - click to see enlargement


  1. OK. Select cue from Burnley Billiard Works.
  2. Joe Davis club cue, machine spliced.
  3. Horace Lindrum Picture badged cue.
  4. Sidney Lee Snooker cue
  5. Albert Brown Champion cue.
  6. Burroughes and Watts Mascot cue.
  7. Second Joe Davis club cue, Machine spliced.
  8. Joe Davis Champion cue. Machine spliced, possibly a 147.
  9. Walter Lindrum Champion and record cue. Machine spliced.
  10. Burwat Champion cue. First edition.
  11. Burwat Champion cue.
  12. Burwat Champion cue.
  13. William Cook record cue.
  14. Fred Davis machine spliced champion cue.
  15. Unknown.
  16. The Riley Cue.
  17. The so-called Riley Diamond cue. Machine spliced.

The remainder are a mixture of basic machine spliced cues, some by Burroughes and Watts.

Click here to see part of my cue collection.

David Smith


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