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 Collecting: David Smith's Cue Collection

These illustrations show part of my cue collection. The cues are numbered left to right.

Photographs by Mark Warwick.

David Smith

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My cue collection


  1. Claud Faulkiner cue.
  2. Cecil Harveson cue.
  3. Claud Faulkiner Specialcue
  4. George Gray facsimile cue.
  5. H W Stevenson cue.
  6. John Roberts Junior cue.
  7. John Roberts cue.
  8. Joe Davis cue.
  9. Joe Davis 146 cue.
  10. Tom Newman (black butt) cue.
  11. Fred Davis cue.
  12. Joseph Bennett cue.
  13. Picture Plate Peall cue.
  14. Charles Dawson cue.
  15. Edward Diggle cue.


My cue collection


  1. 1907 Reece cue.
  2. William Cook cue.
  3. Riley Snakewood cue.
  4. Riley Snakewood cue.
  5. Sidney Smith 1949 cue.
  6. Sidney Smith Gala Cup cue.
  7. Peall cue.
  8. Walter Donaldson cue.
  9. Tom Newman facsimile cue.
  10. Willie Smith Champion cue.
  11. Horace Lindrum picture cue.
  12. Melbourne Inman picture cue.
  13. William Cook Junior facsimile cue.


My cue collection


  1. Riley Snakewood cue.
  2. Burwat Champion cue.
  3. William Cook cue.
  4. Walter Donaldson cue.
  5. Willie Smith cue.
  6. Horace Lindrum picture cue.
  7. Guide Dogs for the Blind cue.
  8. Ray Reardon cue.
  9. Walter Lindrum 1929 cue.
  10. Tom Newman 1274 cue.
  11. Ye Olde Ash cue.
  12. Tom Newman facsimile cue.
  13. Fred Davis cue.
  14. Fred Davis cue.
  15. Joe Davis 114 cue.
  16. Tom Newman (black butt) cue, Burroughs & Watts.


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