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 My Peradon Cues

You may be interested in knowing which cues I have in my collection that were actually made by Peradon Limited. Many people are confused by this matter and have e-mailed Cues n Views seeking further clarification.

The list is as follows:

  1. Peall Picture Badge Cues
  2. Peall Record break cue 3304
  3. Melbourne Inman Picture Badge Cue m/s and h/s versions
  4. Willie Smith Record Break Cue with Tulipwood splice
  5. Sidney Lee Snooker Cue
  6. Tom Newman Champion Cue
  7. Claude Falkiner Facsimile Cue
  8. Walter Lindrum Record break Cue 1929
  9. Walter Lindrum Champion Cue Break 4,137 m/s.
  10. The Lindrum Monarch Cue
  11. The Lindrum and Mc Conachy "nonpareil" Cue
  12. The Fred Davis Champion Cue m/s and h/s
  13. The Tom Carpenter "Ally" Cue
  14. The Joe Davis Champion Cue breaks 2501 and 114.
  15. The Ray Reardon Classic Snooker Cue
  16. The Guide Dogs For The Blind Cue
  17. The Hixon and Sons Cue
  18. The Parker Match Cue m/s and h/s
  19. The Eralc Cue m/s
  20. The Meteor Presentation Cue
  21. The Professional Champion Cue
  22. The Sidney Smith Gold Cup Cue
  23. The Sidney Smith Picture Plate Cue
  24. The Sidney Smith Champion Cue UK Billiards 1947/48 m/s
  25. The Horace Lindrum Picture Plate Cues m/s and h/s

This is not an exhaustive list of all the cues that were made on behalf of a variety of companies by Peradon, but gives you the idea.

Many people believe that their cues were made by a small company in their local town. Often the fact is that it was made by the ubiquitous Peradon Limited.

Personally I think that this facet of collecting makes the hobby all the more interesting.

David Smith


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