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Coutts Cues

Limited Edition cue
Limited Edition cue

David Coutts at work

David Smith & David Coutts

David Coutts at work

Handmade cue


 Coutts Cues near Lincoln England

Advertorial Feature

This is an advertorial, which gives me the opportunity to share with you my recent discovery and a great pleasure that I recently experienced on a trip to Lincoln and back.

Coutts cues is a family run firm making and selling excellent cues just outside the city centre of Lincoln in England.

David Coutts is a skilled woodsmith who takes great pride in creating cues of great quality and perhaps more importantly, he creates cues that are taylor-made to the individual customers requirements.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting David at his workshop and retail premises and was most impressed with what I saw. David supplies cues and cases as well as many other accesories.

However the treat of the whole visit was when I was given the cue that David had made for me. The cue was totally hand made in David’s own workshop, in fact it took eight weeks to complete. The ash in the shaft has a taper that in my opinion surpasses anything in my collection.

In conversation with David, it became clear that he is committed to making cues that will last a lifetime and give their owners a great deal of sarisfacrion whether they are occasional or serious players.

Coutts Cues can carry out repairs and even make a replica of your most trusted cue, so that you need never be without a cue that you can rely on, even if your regular cue becomes unavailable for any reason.

Coutts Cues
Chatsworth Drive
North Hykeham
United Kingdom

Tel: 01522, 883083

David Smith

Coutts Cues & Robin Cues
limited edition (ten only) Snooker cue

Coutts Cues and Robin Cues have joined together to make a very limited edition (ten only) Snooker cue each individually numbered with a certificate and complete with matching mini butt and extending extension.

By joining forces Coutts Cues and Robin Cues are able to use the best of both modern and traditional techniquies (over 40 years experience between Coutts Cues and Robin Cues).

Each shaft is hand planed over a period of at least a year. The ebony has been picked for its character of grain and over spliced with olive wood and red veneers then oil finished (no lacquer in sight!!) the splicing is nice and even top and bottom. 58" butt 9.2mm tip 30.2mm butt 16 3/4oz

A cue not to be missed, a collectors item in years to come!!

Limited Edition cue
Limited Edition cue

Advertorial Feature


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