05 Nov 2013

Who is Simon Templar?

In 2008 the name Dougray Scott was put forward by a number of web-site authors, many who are regarded as authorititive, as the next actor to play Simon Templar in a new T.V. show of The Saint. Burl Barer’s Amazon blog and the official web-site of Leslie Charteris are both hinting...
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25 Apr 2010

Nostalgic locations

Do you ever travel in your imagination? If you do where do you go and indeed when? We here at Television Treasures of course take a world tour, inside our television sets. If you visit the set of the television series the Prisoner, you will no doubt find yourself in the village...
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28 Mar 2010

Televiision music

I watch a fair bit of television as you might imagine. These days I am a little disappointed with television theme music, perhaps it might be worth me exploring why in the little piece below. Modern shows such as Heroes for example has great character related themes throughout...
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16 Mar 2010

The Saint – on ITV4 now!

The Televisio Treasure, The Saint starring Roger Moore is on television at the moment, it’s on the ITV4 channel. Yes it may not be The Saint as he appeared in the books and stories by Leslie Charteris, yes the programme may not have reached the standards expected by Mr...
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14 Jan 2010

The Saint Steps In . . . To Television

Today I received my copy of The Saint Steps In . . . To Television, the DVD from Amazon. Previously parts of this film were only available with the best-selling The Saint and Return Of The Saint DVD boxed sets Now this series of highly acclaimed documentaries has been revised and...
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31 Oct 2001

The Saint On Television

This programme had a long and distinguished run in the mid, to late sixties and starred Roger Moore as Leslie Charteris’ adventurer and some time criminal investigator Simon Templar. This television programme bore little resemblance to Charteris’s novels and yet could not be...
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