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 Billiards and Snooker Quiz No 1
Click on the button by your chosen answer to each question in turn. The computer will keep score for you. Good luck!
  1. Which former world Billiards Champion was from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire?
     Tom Newman
     Charles Dawson
     Walter Lindrum
  2. Who was the first Scotsman to win the World Snooker Championship?
      Stephen Hendry
     John Higgins
     Walter Donaldson
  3. Which player held the record for the first ever total clearance in competition at Snooker?
     Joe Davis
      Fred Davis
     Sidney Smith
  4. Who was the first player to win the World Snooker Championship with a two piece cue?
     John Spencer
     Cliff Thorburn
     Dennis Taylor
  5. What was Willie Smith’s Nickname for his cue that was stolen from him during a series of matches with Walter Lindrum?
     His Crutch
     His Pit Prop
     His Shooting Stick
  6. In the 1940s Joe Davis attempted to popularise a new game called Snooker Plus, this game had two extra coloured balls an Orange and which other colour?
  7. Which player made the first televised 147 break?
     Cliff Thorburn
     Jimmy White
     Steve Davis
  8. True or false, the highest break ever made in a Professional Billiards match was five points short of half a million points?
  9. Who paid for the 1927 World Snooker Championship trophy, still used today?
     Bill Camkin
     Joe Davis
     Clark McConachy
  10. Whose signature is printed on the butt of Stephen Hendry’s cue?
     Rex Williams
     Ray Edmonds
     Fred Davis
  11. Which of the following Billiard players was Australian?
     Melbourne Inman
     Claude Falkiner
     Horace Lindrum
  12. On November the 7th1890 a red ball specialist player scored 3.304 mainly by potting the red ball over and over again. Who was he?
     H W Stevenson
     W J Peall
     F Lindrum
  13. During the 1980s which player appeared in two consecutive World Snooker finals other than Steve Davis?
     Terry Griffiths
     Joe Johnson
     Cliff Thorburn
  14. Which player has the nickname "Tornado"?
     Tony Drago
     Tony Meo
     Tony Knowles
  15. Which lady player had a matching pair of Clark McConachy champion cues from Burroughes & Watts and used one of them throughout her career?
     Thelma Carpenter
     Joyce Gardner
     Alison Fisher
  16. Who was the last player to hold the World Matchplay Snooker Tournament?
     Mike Hallett
     Steve James
     James Watanna
  17. Who was credited with the 1947 / 48 / 49 U.K. Billiards Championships?
     Sidney Lee
     Sidney Smith
     Willie Smith
  18. True or False, the Worlds Snooker Championship finals have been held in the Blackpool Tower?
  19. Who made the highest official championship break, (1.370) with Ivory Billiard Balls?
     Tom Reece
     Stanley Newman
     Tom Newman
  20. What make of cue does the 2001 Benson & Hedges Masters Champion Paul Hunter Use?
     A John Parris cue
     A Glover Cue
     A Craftsman Cues Cue

Quiz compiled by David Smith

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