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An interesting side of creating a Web Site such as Cues n Views is the number of people that get in touch and either ask questions or share information. We have received communications from Holland, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand and in fact numerous e-mails from the length and breadth of the British Isles.

The ones that I prefer are those that state where they are from and also those that demonstrate a great degree of affection for the history of billiards and snooker.

I wish, that more of you would say something about where you come from and what your specific interest is. I feel sure that there are experts on a variety of seemingly obscure subjects that would prove interesting to a wider audience, these specialities could easily be showcased on the site in the future.

I would like to carry a feature such as collection of the month or Me and My collection or perhaps you might like to see something that you have written, here at Cues N Views?

I don’t expect you to include your address especially if you have a collection that you consider to be particularly valuable, but if you include the town where you live, I feel that we might have more to talk about?

We have received many compliments from visitors to the site and as you know, we plan to increase the amount of information that the site covers so watch out for developments.

We also plan to separate much of the information that we carry into sections, we hope that this will make it easier for people to find out what they want in a way that is as accessible as possible. We hope that this will improve your enjoyment of the site and in time we hope that it makes the site useful as a reference point as well.

Please feel free to make any comments observations or recommendations in the address book provided, or send us an e-mail.

Good hunting

David Smith


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