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 Books - David`s Collection

On this page are thunmbnail images of all the books featured on this site, click on a linked book to see an enlargement and some information about the book.

Please note, the actual books vary in size, graphics are scanned to a similar size to maintain the look of the Web Site.

David Smith


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Spencer on Snooker

The Book of Snooker and Billiards Quotations - Eugene Weber & Clive Everton

Championship Snooker


The History of Snooker and Billiards - Clive Everton

Crowoods Sports Guides Snooker & Billiards - Clive Everton

The Story of Billiards & Snooker - Clive Everton


Better Billiards & Snooker by Clive Everton

Improve Your Snooker

Frank Callen's Snooker Clinic


Complete Snooker - Terry Griffiths

Griff - Terry Griffiths Autobiography

How to play Billiards by Tom Newman


Talking Snooker by Fred Davis

Talking Snooker by Fred Davis

Ray Reardon's 50 Best Trick Shots


Tom Newman book

Black's Picture Sports

Ray Reardon


Cliff Thorburn's Snooker Skills

Playing for Keeps - Cliff Thorburn

Billiards How to Play & Win - Melbourne Inman


Red Ball Play - George Gray

Billiard Table Games - W G Clifford


Winning Snooker with Eddie Charlton

The Complete Book of Snooker - Eddie Charlton

Ediie Charlton's Trick Shots


Billiards by Drayson

How to Play and Win at Snooker - W G Clifford


The Postcard Album by Roger Lee

Advanced Snooker - Joen Davis

The Breaks Came My Way - Joe Davis


How I Play Snooker by Fred Davis

How I Play Snooker - Joe Davis

The Postcard Album by Roger Lee


Complete Snooker

Complete Snooker for the Amateur


How to be realy Interesting - Steve Davis

Steve Davis Snooker Champion - Brian Radford

Steve Davis Fame and Fortune


Snooker Masterclass - Stephen Hendry

Remember My Name - Stephen Hendry


Understanding Billiards and Snooker - Jack Karnehm

Billiards and Snooker - Jack Karnehm


Snooker Annual 1991/1991

Snooker Annual 1989/1990

Snooker Annual 1989/1989


Snooker Annual 1987/1988

Snooker Annual 1986/1987

Snooker Annual 1985/1986


Snooker Annual 1984/85


Kongfisher Kids book


Hurricane Higgins Snooker Scrapbook - Alex Higgins with Angela Patmore

Eye of the Hurricane the Alex Higgins Story - John Hennesey

Alex Through The Looking Glass


Know the Game Snooker & Billiards

Higgins Taylor and Me - Jim Meadowcroft

Snooker - Peter Arnold


Charles Roberts' Billiards for Everybody

Dainty Billiards How to Play the Close Cannon Game- Tom Reece

Frame by Frame My Own Story - Dennis Taylor


Practice Strokes at Billiards - F M Hotine

The Game of Billiards and how to play it - John Roberts

Billiards and Snooker - Arthur F Peall


Snooker & Billiards How to Play Well - B Scriven

Snooker how to Improve your Play by The "Bos`un"

Fun on the BilliarTable - Stancliffe


A Teach Yourself Book Billiards and Snooker - Richard Holt

Takle Snooker by John Pulman

John Virgo's Snooker Sideshow


Ted Lowe talking to Frank Butler Between Frames

Right on Cue - John Parrott an Autobiography

Snooker How to Become a Champion - Rex Williams


The Badminton Library - Billiards by Major W Broadfoot and other writers

Jimmy White Behind The White Ball

Jimmy White's Snooker Masterclass


Snooker - Jan Beaten & Michael Clarke

Snooker - Rudy Bauwens

Pot Black compiled by Reg Perrin


Willie Smith`s Guide Billiards in Easy Stages

How to play Snooker - Stanley Newman

Billiards & Snooker Bygones


Walter Lindrum Billiards Phenomenon by Andrew Ricketts

Snooker Billiards and Pool - Horace Lindrum

Billiards and Snooker for Amateurs - Horace Lindrum


The Ladbroke Snooker International Handbook

The Embassy Guide to World Snooker 1997

The Embassy book of World Snooker by Clive Everton



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